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BEST ACTIVITY IN TOWN! This amazing place has 5 different escape room with 3 levels of difficulty. In 60 minutes you have to find the key to exit the room. We were a couple with 4 child and we enjoy every single moment. />Haddawi


Escape room Kraków Katowice


Planet of the Apes

Nuclear Trap

One Million Dollars

The Book of Life

The Mystery of the Red Dragon

The Sixth Element


THE MARS EXPEDITION - the first such scenario in the world!

THE INCA TREASURE - fascinating adventure!

THE SECRET CHAMBER explore without limits!


An action game in the form of an escape room is implemented in reality! That is what we are suggesting. The interactive and adventurous scenarios are for teams between 2 and 5 people. The aim of the game is to get out of the locked rooms within 60 minutes.
It is not an easy task. You need to go through a lot of tasks, riddles, codes and secret passages. Each of the three and five (Katowice) prepared games has a distinct character, its own interior and its original set of tasks.


THE MARS EXPEDITION - difficulty: level ****
for the first time in the world we present the real life escape game scenario based on a space trip to the Red Planet
BOOK - ul. Skawińska 13

THE INCA TREASURE - difficulty: level****  
the own and only adventurous scenario, whish shows the true might of the Inca Empire
BOOK- ul. Skawińska 13

THE SECRET CHAMBER - difficulty: level***
everything which seems to be obvious may not be – we want you to experience each nook of the Secret Chamber
BOOK- ul. Skawińska 13

PLANET OF THE APES - difficulty: level***
Spacecraft throws its crew to an unknown planet inhabited by inteligent Apes. Apes don’t trust people, but there is someone who can help them escape…
BOOK- ul. Bonifraterska 3/1

THE NUCLEAR TRAP - difficulty: level****
Luxurious hotel apartment… inside of which somone planted a nuclear bomb. There is only one way to prevent the tragedy…
BOOK- ul. Bonifraterska 3/1


ONE MILLION DOLLARS - difficulty: level *****
20th century, the 30’s, and the bank without protection. Is it? In the vault – one milion dollars. For sure! Who’s going to get to
the cash in 60 minutes?

THE BOOK OF LIFE? - difficulty: level ****
Professor Avicenna spent his whole life working in his study. What he examined? What did he create? What secret did he protect? There’s only 60 minutes to solve this puzzle!

THE MYSTERY OF THE RED DRAGON - difficulty: level ***
One of Marco Polos expeditions reaches Indochina. Famous explorer finds a mysterious trace of… The Red Dragon. He doesn’t expect how difficult is the task before himBOOK

THE SIXTH ELEMENT - difficulty: level ***
How to get into the great, mysterious cube? What is hidden inside? The solution can be surprising!

LABORATORY - difficulty: level ****
Nothing obvious is not obvious. Nothing what’s simple, simple is not. What seems bright, may be dark. But is everything around so abstract? BOOK

Choose for you the most interesting scenario. Discover the world of adventures.
Overcome your emotions and get outside!
Feel invited!


Game price:

90 PLN – 2 people,
110 PLN - 3 people,
130 PLN - 4 people
150 PLN - 5 people

Payment by cash.

Payment in PLN or EUR.
We do not accept payment by credit cards.


You can download them here.


In order to get a voucher please get in touch with us through the phone or email.
Vouchers are a great present to someone who likes challenges and adventures.  


The escape room game is one of the most interesting and effective form of team building. Communication, cooperation, roles’ division, common target – everything for 100% through 60 minutes!
We have 20 years of experience in event services.
Please get in touch with us to establish the details of the realization and to book the date.




New scenarious are waiting for you! 
PLANET OF THE APES - Spacecraft throws its crew to an unknown planet inhabited by inteligent Apes. Apes don’t trust people, but there
is someone who can help them escape…
THE NUCLEAR TRAP -  Luxurious hotel apartment… inside of which somone planted a nuclear bomb. There is only one way to prevent the tragedy…




We opened on the 30th of October! We are inviting you to submit your reservation by entering the "reservation" page. 




Today we have launched our website and facebook. Soon, we will publish the opening date. Reservation system will be available seven days before the scheduled opening.



We opened as early as in October 2014! Get ready for an incredible dose of emotions in an "Escape the Room" game-type in Krakow. We were the first in the world to develop an incredible story - Expedition to Mars! As from October you will have the chance to try all three original scenarios. Please go to "Reservations".


For whom the game is dedicated?
the game is designed for teams between 2 to 5 people. There are no age restrictions. The participants are most frequently young people, students, game enthusiasts, but also entire families.
What is the difficulty level?
It all depends on the creativity, pace of your thinking, and the efficiency of the team work. Yet, for the first-time participants it will not be easy.
What if I cannot get out of the room within 60 minutes?
in case of big troubles the moderators of the game may give you a hint – but only 3 times. If it still does not help, you will have a chance to try once again…
How are the tasks constructed?
we cannot give away all the details. The tasks and riddles are diverse. They focus on team cooperation and demand a lot of thinking.
What is forbidden for the time of the game?
You cannot destroy the equipment and interiors on purpose. All such behaviours are punishable. Everything else is common sense …
What if something does not work or does not match the solution?
rethink if it is truly the correct solution.
What should I do if I need to go to the toilet during the game?
Themoderator will open you the door with which you entered the room. Then he will let you once again in. The time goes on…


Locked UP - Kraków, ul. Skawińska 13
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Locked UP - Kraków, ul. Bonifraterska 3/1
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E-MAIL: krakow@lockedup.pl
OPENING HOURS - everyday 10.00-21.00

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Locked UP - Katowice, ul. Kościuszki 45
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E-MAIL: katowice@lockedup.pl
OPENING HOURS: – mon-fri 14.30-21.30
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