Magic of green chamber

2-5 Players
60 minutes
Kraków, ul. Skawińska 13
Poziom trudnościDifficulty
Dostepne językiLanguages available


A seemingly normal but steeped inexplicable aura …

Classic design, stylish furniture, soothing music and … a bothering question – why?

In fact, it is not known why this chamber attracts so many daredevils. Once you get there, you won’t be so easy to leave …. You will feel the thrill when you hear the door closing behind you and the rustle of a twisted key. Almost nothing, no clues, initially not matching elements, tips, you need to find a solution that will allow to get out of the chamber.

Goal of the game

You only have one chance, only one hour to solve her puzzles. If you succeed, the Chamber will reward you with freedom. Don’t be fooled by appearances …

What can you expect?

Not everything is what you think. The magic of the Green Chamber is not an easy scenario. There are a large number of puzzles and practical items that are both riddles, hints and solutions to subsequent challenges. You have to guess their meaning and function.


Also for children This game is perfect for the youngest. This is not a scary room, but an adventure game full of puzzles
English Version Riddles in our escape room can be tailored to English speakers
Security We attach great importance to the safety of players. In this regard, we have: full monitoring, constant contact with the game master, all gaming doors open, emergency lights
Entertainment for everyone Our rooms are suitable for demanding players as well as for beginners
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Kraków, ul. Skawińska 13

December 2023
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Rules of the game at COVID-19

    • Every player is asked to sign a Declaration of Health.
    • Players are asked to use protective masks while in the premises. At the Lockedup Reception it is possible to buy masks and gloves.
      Our staff are provided with all required security measures.
    • The maximum number of people staying at the same time is – 12
    • Dispensers with disinfecting liquid are placed near the reception and at the exit of the premises.
    • Cleaning staff disinfect all publicly accessible touch surfaces after each game: buttons, light switches, countertops, door handles.
    • All game rooms are thoroughly disinfected in accordance with applicable sanitary requirements.
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