Znajdz opowiedź na swoje pytanie

What is the level of difficulty?

It all depends on creativity, speed of thinking and effective teamwork. However, for people who first participate in this type of game will not be easy.

How are the tasks constructed?

We do not reveal any details, but they are certainly diverse and team-related puzzles that require the activation of a large number of gray cells.

What to do if something does not work or does not match the solution?

You should think about whether this is the right solution …

What to do when you need to use the toilet during the game?

The game moderator will open the door you enter and then let you back in. And time goes on …

Who is the game for?

Teams from 2 to 5 people can participate in the game. When it comes to age, we don’t set an age limit, young people, students, game enthusiasts, but also whole families use this new type of entertainment.

What if you can't get out in 60 minutes?

In case of great difficulties, the game moderator can prompt, but only 3 times. If it fails, it will be an opportunity to try again …

What can't you do while playing?

Certainly intentionally destroy objects and decorations. That is punishable. All the rest in common sense …