Lockedup.pl Regulations


1.1. Each Game Participant by making a reservation accepts these regulations
1.2. The game participant making the reservation is obliged to familiarize the other participants with the rules of the game


2.1. Each participant joins the game at their own risk.
2.2. Persons without age restrictions can participate in the game.
2.3. Game participants should appear 10 minutes before the reserved time. In case of being late over 15 minutes, the game time will be limited.
2.4. The game time is 60 minutes. It is not possible to extend this time.
2.5. 2-45 people can participate in one scenario.
2.6. It is not allowed to bring cameras, handbags, backpacks and dangerous objects into the rooms.
2.7. You must turn off your cells during the game. Game progress is monitored.
2.8. Taking photos, filming and recording is prohibited under pain of punishment
2.9. Game scenarios and materials posted on the website are limited by copyright and other rights and may not be copied, published in any form. Copying, reprinting texts published on Lockedup.pl and making them available in electronic media as well as in other forms is possible only with the written consent of Lockedup.pl
2.10. The property is strictly non-smoking.
2.11. Persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants may not use the services offered by LOCKEDUP.PL
2.12. The game is not recommended for people suffering from claustrophobia and mental illness.
2.13. Participants are responsible for furnishing LOCKEDUP.PL rooms
2.14. People who do not comply with the rules can be removed from the premises.
2.15. The rules of the game may be changed without prior notice.

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