Avatar mission

2-5 Players
60 minutes
Kraków, ul. Skawińska 13
Poziom trudnościDifficulty
Dostepne językiLanguages available


You have a long journey to Planet Pandora. It looks like the Earth.

However, Pandora’s environment is much more dangerous and more treacherous than on Earth. It has a high temperature and strong magnetic field. The planet is inhabited by numerous animals, and plants have the ability to glow at night.

Goal of the game

You need to be very careful in carrying out your mission

You travel to Planet Pandora. You have several tasks and tasks to complete. Live in harmony with the Avatars and all other beings that you will meet along the way.

Here you can check how strong you are a team, who has leadership skills and who has explorers. Here it turns out whether men have technical sense and women have the ability to predict?

What can you expect?

Here you can prove that there is unearthly strength in the family. But what will really determine the mission’s success? Will to survive, great skills, good command or a bit of luck …

You have the extraordinary opportunity to go down in history as those who landed on Pandora.

But for anyone to hear your story, you must return to Earth! Remember that you only have oxygen for one hour!


Also for children This game is perfect for the youngest. This is not a scary room, but an adventure game full of puzzles
English Version Riddles in our escape room can be tailored to English speakers
Security We attach great importance to the safety of players. In this regard, we have: full monitoring, constant contact with the game master, all gaming doors open, emergency lights
Entertainment for everyone Our rooms are suitable for demanding players as well as for beginners
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Kraków, ul. Skawińska 13

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